Spiritual Awakening Is the Realization of Who You Really Are . . .



The awakened person sees, hears, thinks, feels, and acts — from an appropriate distance. This is the way or method by which to live with genius-like clarity and creative power. This keeping-your-distance or detached perspective is a natural, reality-based way of life, a way to “practice” life, a way to do life, a way of living your potential as a healthier, happier, more confident, intelligent and fulfilled person. Nothing else is needed!

Keeping-your-distance works by disentangling your Awareness from whatever it’s Aware of. This is how you live on the higher levels of your potential! It gives you an unbiased, unvarnished perception of the present moment.

It’s a mindset by which you’re on top of all experience instead of below it; above whatever you’re seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, and doing — instead of lost or submerged in it. You know what you’re doing instead of “thinking” or “believing” you know!

It gives you direct, constant access to the subconscious part of your mind — the part that contains all the knowledge and power you need to take you wherever your heart desires — limited only by your imagination! It puts you in the all-powerful “mind over matter” position where you control yourself — instead of people, places, and situations controlling you!

This Law of Detachment — says that you can’t know the truth of what you’re experiencing unless you have some distance from it. Distance or separation is the truth or reality factor in all experience. For example, you can’t read a newspaper held directly against your eyes; a space or separation is needed.

Detachment lets you see your thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors with such extraordinary clarity that the unwanted ones can be effortlessly removed at will. For example, when you experience anger from a distance — the anger subsides on its own. It must subside because that’s how the mind is wired. Likewise, when experiencing any goal from a sufficient distance — the goal must be achieved!

This is the law, power, and definition of pure meditation via detachment. Success in any area of life is your present-moment potential, but you didn’t have the method for living that potential. This amazing book gives you that reality-based, 3,000-year-old method. 

In this 111-page book — a condensation of over 40-years of study, practice, and experience, you’ll get the ultimate technique for awakening to unprecedented levels of joy, intelligence, freedom, and creative power.  


By The End of This Powerful Book, You’ll Have All The Knowledge & Method You’ll Need to Clarify & Realize Whatever It Is You Want To Be, Do or Have! 


   1. Who You Really Are, Personally & Spiritually, & How One Empowers The Other;
  2. What’s The Purpose & Meaning of Your Life & How To Fulfill Them;  
  3. The “Human Condition” That Perpetuates All Your Mistakes, Blocks & Stress & How To Overcome It!
  4. The Right & Wrong Relationship with Yourself.
  5. The Defining Characteristic of The Real (Spiritual) You.
  6. The 8-Step, Goal-Achievement Formula (Based On The Method).
  7. How To Play All Your Roles with Utmost Clarity, Confidence & Creativity.
  8. How To Internalize Your Goals & Desires to Make Them More Easily Attainable.
  9. How To Clarify & Control All You See, Hear, Think, Feel & Do.
10. How To Realize Your 6 Superpowers of Clarity, Creativity, Health, Happiness, Self-control & Freedom.
11. How To Stop, Control, or Prevent Unwanted Habits, Emotions & Stress.
12. How To Live In The “Zone” of Peak Mental & Physical Performance.

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Bill McLaughlin, 40-Year Meditation/Spiritual Teacher.  

Welcome to the greatest adventure on earth!

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