“Bill’s course in pure mindfulness is one of the best meditation courses out there. It is concrete, useful and immediately applicable to everyday life. I love Bill’s teaching style – he does a great job of making deep truths very simple. Learning more about our brains and how they work is an important aspect of this course, you are not asked to take anything on faith or simply accept something he says because he is saying it. This is the course for anyone who has tried to learn to meditate and quit, or who doesn’t have a schedule that permits hours and hours of sitting. Highly recommended.” – James Scott, History Teacher, Austin, Texas

“A meditation class is the last place I ever expected to find myself in. I considered myself to be spiritual, in tune with being present in this world, and focused on the important things in life. My idea of meditation, at the time, was that it was “too hippy” for my taste. It’s where I drew the line in my spirituality. My husband took a number of Bill’s online coaching sessions and each time he returned home telling me that I should really consider taking a few sessions, as he thought I would enjoy Bill’s simple way of describing abstract concepts. I finally gave in.

I’m so glad I came around and took his advice. Bill’s meditation classes and coaching sessions have been the therapy I always needed, but never wanted to admit I could use. What I love most about Bill’s instruction is that it’s taught in an approachable manner – with humor, grace, and empathy, sharing examples of how he uses meditation himself to quell the negative thoughts in his own mind makes everyone in his group feel an instant connection with him. I feel like he’s in it with me, rather than speaking at me. By taking the one month of classes, I have saved myself countless hours of needless and unproductive worry. I argue less with my husband and appreciate him more. And I can actually laugh at myself a bit and not take life so seriously.” – Tara Kendall, NYC, New York

“Bill’s captivating manner, in depth knowledge and ease with which he allowed his teachings to unfold created the environment for my mind and gradually my heart to open. I was surprised, nah shocked, to discover that I welcomed the meditation that followed each teaching.” — Brian Doherty, Marco Island, FL

“Throughout my life I have routinely gained new insight and knowledge through a wide range of teaching venues but never have I experienced the personal growth that occurred during these sessions with Bill. Learning to meditate while about my business was the whole secret to living my potential!” – Ron McKnight, Estero, Florida

“Last winter I attended my first ever meditation class and I loved it. The theme of the meditation was joy and peace via detachment and in a soft and soothing voice Bill spoke about the wonderful life and health benefits of finding and pursuing peace for yourself. He shared nuggets of wisdom along with funny life stories of his own. The class was wonderfully relaxing and I came away with the sense of having a calm peaceful space around me.

Girl meditating on detachment

I attended several more of Bill’s classes before our winter season came to a close and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. As a result of Bill’s classes I now see the benefits of meditation, how it calms my mind and helps me to be more joyful, peaceful and kind to myself and others. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this experience by meditating alone and I now realize how valuable it is to be led in the class especially for a newbie.

Bill’s classes are truly life changing and I’m so looking forward to attending more of them. His gentle and joyful nature is a walking ad for giving meditation a try.” – Colette Downey, Naples, Florida

“Bill McLaughlin is truly gifted in his teachings and leads by example. He teaches the principles that are the foundation of meditation and mindfulness and effectively relates them to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of every day life. He has a way of making the information practical, tangible and relevant.

I have experienced significant shifts in how I see myself and others, with less judgment and criticism and more compassion, acceptance and patience. I have taken other meditation training in the past and my experience with Bill is the one that is resonating with me and has lead to a meditation practice that I am able to sustain. I highly recommend Bill and his book and courses.”
– Janet Chambers, Bonita Springs, Florida

“I’ve been meditating with Bill for 6 to 8 weeks. Because of practicing with him I’m noticeably more engaged in the wonderful present. Because of Bill’s talent for teaching I’m progressing nicely and it’s extremely enjoyable. I’m not entirely new to meditation and have studied on my own for 6 months now in a variety of different ways and Bill’s class is just the best.

Hopefully everyone has had the experience growing up of that rare teacher or coach making a real difference in their life. They might inspire you to choose a certain profession or make some other lasting contribution to your life. For me it was my old geology professor. Bill is one of those teachers. His depth of knowledge is vast and his ability to speak with presence is enjoyable and enviable. He combines wonderful spiritual insights, shares his personal experience and humanity in every interaction. Bill does this all with wonderful humor and energy while at the same time linking cutting edge information on the science of meditation and mindfulness. I look forward to each and every practice.” – Brenda T., Delta Airlines

“Bill created a space for us, the beginner and intermediate learner, that bridges the gap between ‘What is meditation and mindfulness’ and the more complex teachings of our great Buddhist and Christian Masters. His humor, his stories, his voice, and the tone he creates in a group setting facilitate hearts and minds to open. Bill listens and connects to each of us. His profound lessons draw from the skills and wisdom of decades of personal practice and study. At the same time he is one of us.” – Heather H., West Palm Beach, Florida

“I’m a writer and have greatly benefited from meditation training with Bill. Not only are my writing sessions more productive but I now see my manuscripts with greater clarity and focus. I highly recommend Bill’s Pure Mindfulness training to any creative professional seeking to improve their craft.” – Graham Walton, Naples, Florida

“I am very grateful! With his weekly meditation training class, Bill has taught me a way to easily integrate meditation into my day to day life. After a few weeks it has already made a big difference. I feel more content and I am more open hearted to whatever life brings along for me to deal with. Thank you so much, Bill!” – Pamela M., Naples, Florida

“I tried to meditate at various times in my twenties, with no success until I met Bill. I was impressed by his focus and unshakeable calm so I decided to try it one more time. The difference between my previous experiences and my work with Bill was that he provided the science that explained how meditation positively affects the brain and why my “racing mind” was the norm rather than the exception. The clarity and focus that I have gained from meditation has improved not only my work but my overall well-being.

The time I now spend meditating is nominal compared to the time and mental energy that was previously wasted on procrastinating, needless worrying about the future, or thinking about a past negative experience. Learning to meditate is a process and it requires patience, but the tangible benefits I now experience throughout the day can only be attributed to my regular meditation practice. If you have never tried meditation and are skeptical, or if you have tried it and believe that your brain is not “wired” to do it, Bill is the right coach for you.” – Kathy D. Indian Wells, CA

“Bill has such a calming way about him that working with him is a pleasure. He has given me so many tools to understand my mind and thoughts and to gain control of my wandering mind.

I would highly recommend Bill to anyone that wants to learn meditation and find greater peace and happiness in their life.” – Susie Donaldson, Fresno, CA

“Bill has given me skills and different thought processes that have greatly improved my life. He has been a trusted and compassionate teacher that I know I can count on. I highly recommend him for all his wonderful insight.” – Dr. Lori Cabot, Denver, Colorado

“I have always wanted to learn how to meditate; not to find spiritual nirvana, or burn candles and incense but to help clear my mind and gain more focus. In walks Bill, a disciplined meditation practitioner and coach. Bill introduced me through guided meditation sessions how with just 10 minutes a day, I could start gaining the benefits for my health and my business. After 10 minutes in the morning, I had the focus and discipline to start and complete tasks that I had put off. With Bill, I gained more than meditation; he is a coach for the mind. He introduced me to practical techniques to not let the inner voice of self-doubt hinder progress. I have gained focus, become more organized, and more productive. Bill gave me the tools to renew my mind on a daily basis so that I can bring my best self forward every day on my path to success.” – David O’Reilly, NYC, NY

“I sought out meditation as a technique to reduce stress and improve performance at work. I’m now two months in and the results have been fantastic – I’m able to solve problems more analytically and focus on what’s important. As a Futures Trader I am under constant pressure and find I can handle the daily stresses of the markets more easily. Bill took the time to understand my situation in detail, teaching me how to meditate in the context of the issues at hand made the experience practical and valuable. I look forward to our weekly sessions as I learn something new every time. I strongly recommend Bill as a Meditation Teacher and Coach.” – Anthony Caputo, LA, CA

“My life has been transformed by meditation. There is so much noise in the world, that I find it spiritually important to take time out and just be still. The result has been much less stress and worry. I’ve been unemployed for six months now; previously, prior to meditating, I was unemployed for six weeks and was bouncing off the walls with worry. This time I could think more clearly about my next steps and to stress a lot less. It’s not that I’m not concerned; it’s that I can put my concern into a more neutral and realistic perspective. I don’t think I would be able to do that without meditation.

I received a meditation coaching session as a gift from a friend who frequently utilizes Bill’s expertise. It was a terrific gift! Bill is open, positive, gentle, generous, and encourages one to “come as you are.” He realizes that we are all on our own paths and that we do have answers within us, even though it doesn’t always seem like it. Bill’s teachings help us to find and bring the answers we need to the forefront.” — Ron Kelly, Sausalito, CA

I could not recommend Bill highly enough. He has a wealth of knowledge about meditation and uses this knowledge to do good in the world. His easygoing and professional manner makes it a joy to work him.” – Kimberly Reyes, Falmouth, MA

“I had never had any prior experience with the practice of Meditation. Then I found myself overwhelmed after a shocking and tragic personal event. A friend suggested I think about going to Bill’s Meditation class, so I went…I needed some peace in my heart and comfort in my soul. The very first class spoke to within my heart, and I liked the feeling of some peace and comfort within me. I respected how Bill presents his information, and found him to be a very supportive, kind, loving, compassionate, and peaceful person within himself. I finished all the classes of the course, and wanted to attend others to learn more.

man meditating on beachBill’s is skilled in Meditation guidance and coaching, and I learned so very much about myself, and felt peace, love, kindness, tolerance, and compassion within myself. I’m “a work in progress,” but feel happier, and look forward to improving my Meditation practice. My sincere heartfelt appreciation I send to Bill, and can honestly say he was a “refreshing Ray of Sunshine” when all I saw was “dark clouds.” — Marissa T., Naples, FL

“Meditation calms the turmoil and refocuses my mind and perceptions to improve my overall well being. Bill is a thoughtful, sensitive meditation coach. I recommend him to anyone who is interested in clearing their thoughts, and learning improved thought processes and perspective.” – Renee Connolly, Lake Tahoe, CA

“I’m not easily impressed by coaches and need a lot of convincing before I will hire one. I chose Bill because he knows his stuff. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Anybody who can send me away after a session totally chilled and focused has to be worth his weight in gold!” – T. Grossman, Naples, Florida

“Since starting meditation training with Bill, I’ve experienced significant improvements in both my personal & professional lives. Letting go of irrational fears and operating instead with a calm, focused and centered mind has had an undeniable effect on my interactions with clients, friends and family. Bill has the unique ability to tailor the training to the individual, and presents each technique along with the science & statistics behind it. I can’t recommend Bill highly enough to anyone considering meditation to advance their career and improve their relationships & personal well-being.” – Sue Mohr, Marblehead, MA

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is the saying that came to mind when I met Bill and started taking his course. After reading self-help books on mindfulness, along with my own attempts to stop the scattered chatter in my head, I have found that Bill is the inspiration I need to become grounded and centred within myself, something which has eluded me all these many years.

girl meditatingThrough his gentle, positive philosophy, his experience, and methods of meditation, I am learning how to become centred, compassionate, and understanding of myself and others. I enjoy his entertaining, informative talks on the science of the brain and how, by meditation, I can discover how to train my own brain in order to enjoy my life and be happy with myself and accept others. I highly recommend him to those wanting to gain insight into the workings of the mind and receive guidance through the journey of meditation. These are the tools I need and will be able to use in my everyday life as I progress with Bill’s coaching.” Ben Silverman, Hollywood, CA

“Working with Bill – learning to meditate, and understand how things really are, versus how I perceived them to be, I was able to pull myself up from my lowest low and find contentment in my life. His compassion, openness and sincere nature made the entire experience feel less like talking to a therapist and more like a life coach with a vested interest in my happiness. I owe so much of my success over the dark period of my life to Bill and continue to use his teachings as a way to maintain a healthy emotional balance today. I recommend him to anyone searching for peace and an overall improvement in one’s life.” – Fred Gaskill, Boston, MA

“I did not enjoy meditation. Even more frustrating was knowing I wanted and needed the benefits. I was stressed and scattered every day running my business. I kept going through a vicious circle of trying and quitting my meditation practice in hopes that I would eventually start to at least see the benefits during the day, even if I was bored or angry while I was sitting. Bill changed all of that. He took the challenges I was facing and used those as the context for what he was teaching. This really helped me connect the dots to fully understand why and how to use various meditations as well as the other mental skills he taught.

I can now easily sit down and enjoy meditating every morning and many times throughout the day. More importantly, the day to day results have been phenomenal. For the first time, I finally understood what people meant by ‘meditation will change your life.’ I’m able to work with better focus and increased creativity. I’ve run into blocks and used meditation to get around them. I don’t get stressed out nearly as easily. And after the work day is over, I’m able to relax a lot easier. I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed every session. Bill is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend him.” – Jeff O’brien, Boca Raton, FL

“Bill is such a caring, creative, sharp-minded, & empathetic coach. Working with him completely changed my life! For several years after finishing college and entering ‘the real world,’ I found it extremely difficult to cope and keep up with everyday life as I struggled with ADD symptoms. After working with Bill, I’ve noticed huge and LASTING improvements in my ability to manage those symptoms. My ability to focus has significantly improved, and continues to as I implement his strategies & suggestions.

For the first time in my life, I’ve gained the truly priceless acceptance that life isn’t always smooth sailing, and that that’s okay. I’m okay when that happens – even when it seems like the world is falling to pieces all around me. Working with Bill gave me tools and wisdom to help me navigate the tough times in life, and he taught me a path to greater happiness and inner peace regardless of what’s going on around me. I could never thank him nor recommend him enough!” – Robert Pollack, Beach, CA

“I absolutely love Bill’s meditation classes. Bill shares his understanding of our minds in a gentle and effective way. He uses examples we can all relate to and humorous stories to help us realize and accept the teachings easily. I really love him and his teaching. He gives me so much inspiration for my practice. He knows how to guide me and gives me great tools to keep progressing and be a better person. I’m so happy to have met this wonderful man. Bill first taught me to meditate 1 year ago and I’m still practicing everyday. I think it is the most wonderful gift you can do for yourself. Thank you so much Bill!” – Barbara K, Sarasota, FL

“I tried meditation at different times in my life, but never felt I succeeded at doing it properly. While in Mexico, we started a weekly meditation hour with a small group of friends (with Bill guiding the group). I always looked forward to that hour together and each week I felt I walked away with a new insight. Bill taught me that meditation is a process that requires practice and patience, just like any other form of exercise. This ‘clicked’ with me and I started practicing daily. I would highly recommend Bill as a coach and guide in meditation. Not only is he very insightful, compassionate and knowledgeable, he also has a wonderful calming energy and a beautiful spirit. I am very thankful to have met him.” – Sandra W., London, UK

“Bill has a very simple, down-to-earth approach which put me at ease immediately. I have always been intrigued by the practice of meditation yet very intimidated by it. Not only did I learn how to meditate, but I also learned a lot about my brain and how it operates. I love that! I especially love that I can realistically incorporate all his coaching into my daily life. It’s not hard or intimidating, and most importantly, does not feel like a chore. I honestly feel calmer and less overwhelmed.” – Dori Schechter, Buffalo, NY