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My name is Bill. Spiritual Teaching is my calling, and spiritual awakening is my specialty. 

What Is “Spiritual Awakening?”

It’s when you gradually or suddenly wake up to who you really are behind the mask of your personality. Now you live in reality instead of in your mind. 

So Who Am I, Really?

The real or “spiritual” you are simply the pure, neutral Awareness above (and in control of) all that your personal self sees, hears, thinks, feels and does. It’s the all-powerful presence that has always been there but you haven’t realized it yet. 

Why Have I Not Realized It?

 — Because you’ve been too caught-up in the world and in your mind. You have to back off a little from all that you see, hear, think, feel and do, and you’ll joyfully realize its presence. 

How Do I Back Off  from The World & from My Mind?

don't take things personally
Take Everything Neutrally!

— By practicing a natural, reality-based mindset that I call The Mirror-Mind Method.

What Is The Mirror-Mind Method?

 — It’s no longer living from a self-centered, personal perspective but from a holistic, neutral perspective — just like a mirror. It’s keeping an impersonal, objective, unaffected distance from all experience — from all that your personal self sees, hears, thinks, feels and does in every present moment — just like a mirror. 

This is the practice of living in reality or truth instead of in your thoughts and feelings. This is the practice of being above it all instead of lost or caught up in it all. This is the practice of the all-powerful “Law of Detachment.”

What Is The Power of The Law of Detachment?

— Its power is based on the fact that the truth or reality of a thing cannot be known except from a distance. For example, you can’t read a newspaper held directly against your eyes. You have to back-off a bit. This spacing or distancing yourself makes the whole difference between true and erroneous perception. And the way it works sensually is the way it works physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   

What Is The Experience of Spiritual Awakening? 

— It’s not something you experience; it’s something you become. It’s becoming what you already are. It’s being your higher, aware self, which is above and distinct from your lower,  personal self. It’s being true love and happiness. It’s being naturally free from stress, anxiety, fear and blockage. It’s having the unprecedented insight, clarity, and goal-achievement power to be, do and have what you want in your life and drop what you don’t want. It’s being the fulfillment that you — consciously or unconsciously, have always sought but could never find until now.

Is There Something You’d Like To Be Better At?

Better at your work, relationships, games & hobbies?
Better at controlling your habits, thoughts & feelings?
Better at solving your problems & fulfilling your personal & spiritual goals?

The good news is, it’s not possible to have any potential without also having the means of fulfillment within you at the same time. All you need is the method or mindset by which to realize it – which you can learn in less than 2 hours!


HOW: Take this live, 2-hour course in The Mirror-Mind Method of Spiritual Awakening!
girl opening her eyesWHO: This transformational course is for both spiritual seekers and those interested in personal and professional growth and who want to learn the reality-based method for —   
     1. knowing & being who they really are both personally & spiritually; 
     2. knowing & fulfilling their meaning & purpose;
     3. knowing & overcoming the “human condition” that causes their pain, stress, blocks & errors
WHERE: At a Live, Online Zoom Meeting. 
WHEN: Tuesday, October 5, 10am – 12pm, ET.
                Wednesday, October 6, 4pm – 6pm, ET.
                Thursday, October 13, 12pm-2pm ET.
                Saturday, October 22, 10am-12pm, ET 
                Sunday, October 30, 2pm-4pm, ET.         
WHAT TO BRING: A Notebook & An Open Mind.
COST: Small Group Course: $39 — Includes 1 month of unlimited follow-up email with Bill — plus a free download of Bill’s popular eBook: The Method of Spiritual Awakening
Mirror-Mind Method Course
CONTACT:, or by the Contact Bill page, or by phone: 239-287-3458.  

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